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Vegan Sources Of Iodine

Vegan Sources Of Iodine

Making the switch to a fully plant-based diet can be scary. You may have heard people say that going vegan is bad for you as you will be lacking essential vitamins and minerals from your lifestyle. This statement is simply not true. No matter what type of lifestyle you lead, plant-based, or not, you have the potential to be lacking these essential vitamins and minerals. The key to ensuring we are receiving everything our bodies need is to simply be aware of what we are consuming. There is a myriad of vitamins and minerals that are needed to nourish our body in order to remain healthy. Today we are going to cover just one of the many, iodine. If you choose to continue reading you will learn all about the many vegan sources of iodine. Whether it be the best vegan iodine supplement or the best plant sources of iodine, you will know it all. Join me on this journey of “How Does A Vegan Get Iodine”.

Why Iodine?

Before getting into how we can receive sources of iodine vegan humans will love, let us cover why Iodine is necessary in the first place. So why iodine? The human body contains thyroid hormones, and in order to make these hormones, we need iodine. Thyroid hormones play a large role in the body’s metabolism and assist in proper bone development and brain development during both pregnancies as well as infancy. All in all, iodine is important for the body’s ability to function properly and smoothly, therefore we should do everything we can to obtain this essential nutrient.

Iodine From Plants

Iodine From Plants

If you were thinking the only vegetarian sources of iodine were in the form of supplements, you were luckily mistaken. There are various iodine-rich foods vegan eaters will love. You may already be eating some of these foods without even realizing their iodine contents. Some vegetables with iodine are green beans, kale, watercress, and spring greens. Some other foods high in iodine vegan eaters may already be consuming are whole grains, strawberries, and even potatoes with the skin intact. All of these foods with iodine vegan edition are incredibly easy to incorporate into every meal you eat. This makes it super easy to receive a healthy amount of iodine without putting excess effort into your life. If you aren’t a fan of any of the above-mentioned foods, there are other ways to receive iodine as a vegan. Let’s learn how.

Iodine From Supplements

Iodine From Supplements

If vegetables containing iodine aren’t your style, there are supplements that will do just the trick. There are many brands of vegan supplements in the form of pills as well as a liquid which can be easily purchased in stores or ordered online. When dealing with these essential vitamins and minerals, I tend to prefer ingesting them through their form of liquid. Speaking from personal experience, I feel as if my body better absorbs these minerals in liquid form versus pill form. However, everyone’s body will respond differently to these supplements, so it’s best to do some experimentation for yourself. It’s comforting to know that if you aren’t able to receive your iodine through the foods you are eating, you can still obtain iodine through other sources.

Have You had Your Iodine Today?

So there you have it. Now you know why iodine is important to the human body, you know which plants and foods you can eat to obtain iodine and you know that if you aren’t inclined to consume these foods, there are supplements out there in the market that you can take. There is no excuse to not receive your daily dose of iodine regardless of what kind of lifestyle you are leading. So if you fear going vegan because you think you won’t be able to receive enough iodine, you now know that this is simply not the case. So ask yourself, have you had your iodine today? I know I have!

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