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Vegan Sources of Vitamin A

vitamin a plant sources

There is this theory within the vegan world that choosing a plant-based diet means you will not achieve the correct amounts of nutrients your body needs to maintain a healthy and strong support system, however, this is most definitely not the case as there are so many natural sources to get these nutrients from. Vitamin A is no exception and fortunately, there are many vegan sources of vitamin A and vitamin A plant sources that are easily accessible and great ways to ensure you are hitting all your vitamin targets and needs. Understanding why we need vitamin A and where we can find vitamin A in plants is essential to creating a rich and healthy diet.

Vitamin A Sources

In order to find vegan foods high in vitamin A, we first need to understand what and why we need vitamin A. It is important for all to receive a variety of different nutrients as each has its own benefit towards keeping our bodies healthy. Luckily for vegans, vitamin A comes mostly from direct plant sources as many vegetables contain something called carotenoids vitamin A. Easting vegetables containing vitamin A or carotenoids is essential for development and growth as well as eye health and the ability to keep a healthy functioning immune system.

Plant Sources of Vitamin A

vegan sources of vitamin a

As vegans, we need to make sure that we eat vegetables containing vitamin A in variety with other nutrient rich vegetables in our diet. Some of these vegetables that are high in vitamin A include

  • Orange sweet potato
  • Butternut squash
  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Dried apricots
  • Kale
  • Cantaloupe melon
  • Spring greens

These plant sources of vitamin A contain something known as beta-carotene and can be found in plant sources that are orange in color which is given to them through beta-carotene and most of the time the stronger the orange color of the food is the more of this beta-carotene it contains. There is another way to get vitamin A, however, that is through animal-based products such as eggs and dairy, however, these are not needed in addition to any vitamin A rich vegetables consumed.

How Much Vitamin A

So how much vitamin A vegan sources do we actually need? Well men need around 0.7 milligrams per day and women need just 0.6 milligrams of vitamin A per day and in fact, this is quite a small amount but enough to keep a healthy and functioning immune system and growth development. Vitamin A is absorbed into the body best when it is consumed in combination with foods containing fat, this is because it does not dissolve in water, you don’t need to eat much fat along with your vitamin A sources only around 2.5 grams minimum is recommended for helping achieve ultimate conversion. These fat sources include avocado, flaxseed, and olive oil. Vegan sources of vitamin A are a much healthier way of achieving the required bodily needs than vitamin A source that comes from animals, and it has even been proven that vitamin A animal sources can lead to weaker bones and is particularly dangerous for elderly people.

Vegan Vitamin A Supplement

vitamin a vegan

If you have tried incorporating these foods into your diet and it’s not quite working for you or you feel as your body requires a larger and more direct and sufficient amount then choosing a vitamin A supplement is the best option for you. Ofocurse consulting with your doctor beforehand is always a good idea however there is no harm in having too much vitamin A with the only side effect being a slight orange tint to your skin. Although taking a supplement is a great way to quickly and efficiently get vitamin A into your system many doctors and health professionals still recommended eating vitamin A-rich foods alongside your supplement. Large doses of vitamin A in the form of supplements may be harmful to your body but if taken in the correct amount you are sure to reap the benefits.

Some Vegan Vitamin A Supplements to Try Include

  • Myvitamins- Vitamin A soft gels
  • Nutravita- 8000IU Vitamin A
  • Solgar Dry- Vitamin A 5000IU
  • Myvegan- Multivitamin capsules containing sufficient vitamin A

As you can see there are many easy and simple ways of ensuring you get just the right amount of vitamin A within your vegan and a plant-based diet. Keep in mind to include a little orange-colored fruit or vegetable into or alongside your meals and you’re sure to hit the required amount of vitamin A needed and feel healthy and strong within your body.

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