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Vegan Sources of Zinc

foods high in zinc vegan

Vitamins and minerals are such an important part of any diet and it is imperative to have a sufficient amount in order to maintain a happy and healthy strong body. Zinc is no exception and that is why consuming vegan sources of zinc should be a daily part of your food resources. Luckily there are many high zinc vegan foods that are delicious and can easily be added to your daily meals and recipes. Ensuring that you get the correct amount of micronutrients from plant sources of zinc will allow your body to strengthen its immune system, increase your healing time, and help prevent illness from entering the body.

Why You Need Zinc

Before we can understand exactly what foods to eat to get all the zinc you need let’s first talk about why you need to be consuming foods high in zinc vegan and plant-based of course. Not having a sufficient amount of zinc can lead to a multitude of issues such as hair loss, acne, hormonal imbalances, and an increased chance of falling ill with the common cold and flu. Making sure you’re getting enough zinc in your diet will help strengthen your skin and nails, enhance your sense of smell and sight, and most importantly strengthen and repair your immune system.

Vegan Foods with Zinc

Now that you understand why you need zinc and what benefits it can provide to your body we can start to have a look at foods that you can incorporate into your vegan diet that are high in zinc and are great sources.

Beans and Legumes

high zinc vegan foods

Luckily for all vegans and even vegetarians out there beans and legumes contain a large amount of zinc these include tofu and tempeh which are soy-based products that can be used as a vegan meat alternative, lentils, kidney beans, chickpeas, black beans, and even peanuts are too high sources of zinc. These products are easy to include into one’s diet, legumes such as lentils can be used as a base for curries and stews and beans can be transformed into dips like hummus, incorporated into salads or made into a hearty warming chili. One thing to note about beans and legumes is that they should be soaked or bought pre-soaked as this will aid digestion and ensure that all the nutritional value is being absorbed.

Nuts, Seeds and Oats

Nuts and seeds are both relatively good sources of zinc and can be eaten as a snack on the go or incorporated into meals for an additional crunch. Pumpkin seeds, cashews, walnuts, sunflower seeds, almonds and pecans are some examples of nuts and seeds that are high in zinc and also contain many other benefits. Consuming a variety of these throughout the day is a great way to up your zinc intake without even having to think about it too much. Usually, grains don’t offer much zinc at all, that is with the exception of oats. Oats are a staple food that can be used in many diverse ways. Including a bowl of oats for breakfast a few days a week or creating your very own oat-based bars will really help you increase your zinc intake in a delicious and easy way.


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Fortunately, there are also many vegetables high in zinc that can be eaten alongside grains and incorporated into almost any lunch and dinner recipe. Zinc in vegetables is a great way to consume more without the addition of extra calories. Mushrooms are one of the best plant zinc sources, along with kale, spinach, broccoli and garlic. Adding these to your meals will really ensure you’re getting the boost you need. Kale and spinach can be eaten raw in salads or cooked and added to hot meals like pasta and rice-based dishes.

Vegan Zinc Supplement

If you feel like you are unable to achieve your recommended amount of zinc through food sources don’t worry because there are some great supplements one can take too. Almost all big vitamin producing companies such as Myvegan and Garden of life produce a great zinc supplement that can be taken daily.

As you can see getting enough zinc is extremely important for your body and immune system, so try adding some of these plant-based zinc sources into your diet and feel the difference.

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