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Where to Find the Perfect Vegan Monthly Subscription Boxes For a Vegan Lifestyle

Perfect Vegan Monthly Subscription Boxes

Vegan subscription boxes are the perfect way to make your planet-based journey a little easier. They are efficient and also allow you to get your hands on all the latest vegan goodie releases as they happen in real-time. Nowadays, there is an abundance of vegan and vegetarian subscription box offers that it can be quite overwhelming to know which one is best. Whether you are looking for the newest snacks or easy, helpful ways to prepare delicious vegan meals or even gifts for friends and loved ones, there’s a subscription box available for you.

What is a Plant-based Subscription Box?

Essentially a vegan or vegetarian monthly box subscription is a chosen item or items that you will pay and receive every month continuously. It is a great way to receive products of your choice without having to select anything at all and still receive an element of surprise. They are designed to make vegan lives easier and give you the opportunity to delve into the fun and exciting new product launches too. Subscription boxes range from cosmetic items to snacks and even gourmet meals.

Vegan Monthly Subscription Boxes

Some of the best vegan subscription box offers currently available to us include :


Vegan Monthly Subscription Urthbox

Urthbox is a monthly vegan snack box subscription that encompasses a range of different vegan goodies. Each month the box is filled with a range of new products from nut butter to ready-made plant-based coffees, breakfast cereals, and even condiments. One of the greatest things about this subscription, in particular, is that you can choose the exact size of the box you would like to receive, it is also a huge money saver and allows you to find snacks that you would like to repeat buy in the future.

Blue Apron

Vegan Monthly Subscription Box Blue Apron

A different approach to vegan subscription boxes is Blue Apron. They deliver pre-measured ingredients to make delicious, healthy, and balanced fully plant-based meals. The idea is that you can create restaurant standard meals in a simple and easy way with no food waste at all. All their meals take 300 minutes or less to make and also offer a wide range of meat alternatives that are booming in the market right now.

Kinder Beauty Box

Kinder Beauty Box

Kinder Beauty Box is one of the vegan gift box subscriptions that are loved by many across the US. In their box, they include 100 percent plant-based and cruelty-free cosmetic products from makeup to skincare, hair products, and accessories. This is the perfect way to make sure you are investing in ethically made and produced companies and ensure that you find products that work best for you and your needs. Each month is the box is filled with new and exciting items that never repeat themselves.


Vegan Monthly Subscription Boxes Trifecta

Trifecta is a vegan and vegetarian food subscription box that is perfectly equipped for lazy chefs and those with extremely busy and on the go lifestyles. They are perfectly designed to help with weight loss or weight maintenance and come as ready-made meals with the perfect macro balance. Opting for all vegan chives will allow you to have meals every week without having to prep food or waste ingredients and time.

Snack Sack

Vegan Monthly Subscription Boxes Snack Sack

If you are a lover of snacks and always looking for new and exciting plant-based options, then Snack Sack is the subscription box for you. Not only does Snack Sack deliver on the vegan snack options, but they also include some unique items for different countries too. For those who love to test and try, Snack Sack allows you the opportunity to taste test hundreds of vegan items from across the world. For as little as $24 a month you can share, enjoy and satisfy any snack cravings you may have. As you can see, there are many vegan box subscriptions that you can choose from. Whether you are looking for quick and easy ways to make healthy but high-quality meals, looking for curving the next snack attack, or being adventurous about your skincare and cosmetics items, there is most definitely something out there for you. Subscription boxes are a great way to save money and get the full experience of testing a wider range of items to allow you the opportunity to find the one that you would like to repurchase frequently.

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