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Veganism and Animal Rights

veganism and animal rights

Veganism and animal rights go hand in hand, in fact, while many people have chosen the vegan lifestyle as a way to sustain their dietary requirements and restriction the majority are in it for the animal rights movement facts have shown the ability that veganism and a plant-based lifestyle has on the cruelty, harm and protection of animals in astronomical and one of the greatest commitments one can give towards creating a more sustainable and eco-friendly way of life. In any event, choosing to be fully vegan and diminishing animals as food products is a strong stand up for the rights of animals, and here is how and why.

Vegan Animal Rights

Those you choose to be vegan for animals believe and have proven that awareness must be bought to the harmful treatment done to animals in order to produce the food bought at supermarkets and present on our kitchen tables, refusing to buy into this they are helping to steer the meat and dairy markets away from slaughterhouse rules used for mass production. The main goal is to decrease the number of people buying animal products in order to reduce the overall animal cruelty and disregard for animal rights done by farms, factories, and mass slaughterhouses.

Animals Rights Facts

The animal products we see on the shelves are a mere product of intense harm and suffering and these include

  • The horrible living conditions animals are put in, are not only unsanitary but too small to hold the magnitude of animals and thus leaves them cramped usually in dark small spaces where the disease is often encountered.
  • During the production of diary young calves are stripped away from their mothers within 12 hours from birth and the milking process automatically begins. The baby calves you are in fact in need of a mother is secluded to a solitary pen in which it remains alone for around 3 months as it gets fattened up and ready to produce more milk for dairy companies and human consumption.
  • The production of eggs is no less cruel as hens are forced into tightly packed spaces and are to lay almost 30 times more eggs than they would in a normal lifetime. And if this isn’t bad enough male chicks are killed by suffocation and suffer tremendously as they are “not needed “.

Animal Rights Facts and Statistics

animals rights facts

When standing up for animal rights veganism takes a strong if not the strongest standing point against the cruelty of animals which in most cases is hidden from the population. the truth is the higher the demand, the more the production, the more animals being used and treated cruelly, and thus the aim to decrease this demand is the only way to stop animal abuse.

So how many animals can you save by being a vegan? It has been calculated that even if you choose to go vegan for just one month you will save around 30 animals from being harmed, that is around 360 animals in a year per person. That is a lot of animals and think about this, the more vegans there are, the more animals are saved.

Vegan Animal Rights Activism

So how can you help and bring awareness to this cause? of course, choosing a vegan diet and lifestyle is number one but there are many movements against animal cruelty that can help you save even more animals each year. The key to successful activism is to stand up for the animal its self, for their protection, safety, and suffering. There is a thing called an animal millionaire, a person who has saved over a million animals through their movement against cause and there are many of these that encourage people to join their movement in an attempt to save even more animals. There are also many opportunities presented through following these larger higher scale and more wealthy movements that allow you to do your part in standing up for animal rights as a further tribute to your lifestyle and diet decision of veganism.

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