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Vegans Are More Resilient than Carnivores according to Study

resilient vegan

Researchers from the Quebec University in Montreal and McGill University have conducted a study that can break a lot of stereotypes about vegans.

A stereotypical vegan is depicted as a thin, humble, and weak person without a trace of a «real», «animal» power. But recent research which was taken in order to study the impact of vegan diet on human health proves otherwise.

Vegans could be more resilient and hardy than other people whose diet includes animal-based products according to a study.

This study was built on the measurement of physical indicators among fifty-six women who were characterized as young, fit, and athletic by the authors of the study. Half of the participants maintain a carnivorous diet and another half – a vegan diet.

Participants were forced to perform continuous physical exertion in order to test their resiliency. And the results can cause social dissonance.

The research showed that vegans are more resilient than carnivores. Participants whose diet includes only plant-based products showed better results than their carnivorous opponents.

Such differences could be explained by the nutritious qualities of the products which participants eat throughout their life. A vegan diet includes more complex carbohydrates than the carnivorous diet which features processed and trans-fats and large quantities of animal proteins.

Animal-based nutrients are harder to digest than plant-based so vegans can show better sports results and physical measures. A vegan diet doesn’t harm women’s health but only benefits it with increased stamina and resilience.

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