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Vegan Burger Restaurants Are Becoming More Common – Here’s Where To Find Them

Vegetarian Burger Restaurants

When I first turned vegetarian 6 years ago, and even when I turned vegan 4 years ago, eating out wasn’t as easy as it is now. Finding the best plant based burger was not as easy then, as it is now. With the rise of popularity surrounding both the vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, vegetarian burger restaurants are much more common. This is an amazing win for not only these communities, but for the animals and the environment as well. Today I welcome you to join me on this journey of discovering all of the fake meat burger options that exist, and where to find them. We will begin by talking about our fast food veggie burger options. Following this we will cover our casual dining veggie burger restaurants. As the world is big, we will only be focussing on restaurants with veggie burgers in North America. There are many other places in the world which provide the best of the best when it comes to fast food veggie burgers. If we had all of the time in the world I would definitely share more with you. However for today, North America is where we will gear our focus. Let’s get started!

Fast Food Restaurants

Below are five of the fast food vegan burger locations that exist today. These five are the most popular and common, therefore some of the most accessible fast food restaurants with veggie burgers. If you are located in North America, the chances are high that one of these fast food restaurants reside close to where you live or work.



A&W is a really popular veggie burger fast food location. At A&W they provide their customers with the Beyond Meat Patty. If you don’t specify which toppings you would like, you will receive lettuce, tomatoes, red onion, pickle, mustard and mayonnaise. If you are vegetarian, these toppings are great. If you are vegan, make sure to specify this and ask for no mayonnaise. If I’m looking for the best veggie burger near me, A&W is always one of the first options to pop up.


Harvey’s is another amazing place to seek out veggie burgers fast food edition. Harvey’s has their own in house veggie burger which is in fact 100% plant-based. When ordering it is good to know that their regular and multigrain buns contain no animal products or bi-products. When choosing how to top your burger, feel free to add whichever fresh veggies you desire.


Third up on our list of fast food places with veggie burgers is the most famous Wendy’s. Wendy’s has named their plant based burger the “Plantiful” Burger. I think this name is great because it is not deceiving. This patty is in fact made with 100% plant derived ingredients. However, when ordering, beware that mayonnaise and cheese do come on it automatically. If you are vegan, simply ask for the burger without these toppings.

Carl’s Junior

Carl’s Junior

If you know anything about what fast food has veggie burgers, you may already know that Carl’s Junior is one of these places. Carl’s Junior offers not only one plant based burger, but multiple. They use the Beyond Meat patty in their burgers which impress their customers without fail. If you are vegan, seek out their “Beyond Famous Star” Burger. This one comes without cheese which makes ordering a lot less complicated.

Burger King

The last fast food with vegetarian burger restaurant we are going to talk about today is Burger King. Before ordering from Burger King, it is important to know this one fact. At Burger King, they admitted to cooking their plant-based burgers on the same grill as their meat burgers. If this is something that bothers you or does not align with your values, then Burger King is not the best place for you. However, if you can look past this unfortunate piece of information, you may just enjoy what they have to offer.

Before moving onto our casual dining options that provide vegetarian and vegan burger options, you may be wondering, “what are fast food burgers made of?”. The answer is simple, plants! These burgers are all plant-based, therefore totally great for both vegans and vegetarians alike.

Casual Dining Restaurants

If you are searching for something a little more upscale than fast food but not too fancy, perhaps the following five restaurants will be a good fit for you. These are by far some of the best places with veggie burgers I have ever dined in. Let’s begin with Bareburger.



Bareburger is definitely one of my favorite restaurants that I have ever dined in. From the food to the atmosphere, Bareburger has it all going on. This restaurant is great to go to with both your veggie and meat-eating friends as one side of the menu is ‘normal’, and the other side is 100% plant-based. The inclusivity of this restaurant is perhaps what makes it the best restaurant vegetarian burger provider I have ever been to.

The Works

The Works is a burger chain that can be found in Canada. The Works is not solely a vegetarian burger restaurant, however they have a delicious plant-based option. At The Works you can create your one burger which is what I always do. During this process, I ensure I always add their gravy on top of my plant-based patty as their gravy is plant-based as well. If you ever find yourself in Canada, I definitely recommend checking this restaurant out. Similar to bareburger, this restaurant is great for veggies and meat-eaters alike. Yay for inclusivity!

Detroit Vegan Soul

Detroit Vegan Soul is a special vegetarian burger restaurant as it is Detroit’s first ever 100% plant based burger joint. This is exciting because you can order whatever you please off the menu without worrying whether or not it is vegan. The answer will always be yes. Detroit Vegan Soul is a restaurant veggie burger location you do not want to pass up.

Boon Burger

Boon Burger, again located in Canada, is definitely one of the best places with veggie burgers near me. Boon Burger, similar to Detroit Vegan Soul, is 100% plant based. Again what this means is that you have total free-range when it comes to ordering. Ordering from a vegan menu is quite the liberating feeling. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming ordering as a vegan, always worried that what you are ordering may not be completely plant-based. This is why I love eating at completely vegan restaurants. It definitely makes the experience more enjoyable. Any who, back to Boon Burger. Boon Burger offers a large array of vegan burgers. I have never once been disappointed with my order, and I have eaten there many times. I definitely suggest you give it a try.

TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays

The last restaurant we are going to be talking about is TGI Fridays. I know you wouldn’t expect TGI Fridays to have a vegan option out of all places, but it does. Now, it is probably not the best veggie burger restaurant option you could turn to. However, if you ever find yourself stumbling into a TGI Fridays restaurant with friends, know that there will definitely be an option for you on the menu. Their vegan burger is 100% plant-based which is nice. From the bun, to the patty, to the toppings, no animals were harmed in the creation of this meal. Pair this burger with fresh and hot french fries and there is nothing more to ask for. I commend TGI Fridays for stepping up to the plate and providing their customers with a more inclusive menu.

Happy Eating

Well there you have it, now you know all of the right places to look for the best fast food veggie burger and the best vegetarian burger options in a restaurant. As I shared at the beginning of this blog post, 6 years ago finding these options would have been a lot more complicated. As time passes on, I am noticing more and more vegan options appear on menus that I would have never imagined. The fact that so many fast food restaurants have already implemented or are working on implementing a vegan option onto their menus is really amazing. This just goes to show that more and more people are realizing that meat is not a necessity in their lives. I hope after reading this blog today your mouth is watering as much as mine. Why not take the day to go explore all of your veggie burger fast food options near you. Try out a bunch of places and find out which you like best. Although the menus may state the burger is vegan, I recommend always verifying this factor. You don’t want to order a vegan burger just for it to have cheese and mayonnaise on it. There is no harm in asking, so feel free to ask for specifications. Enjoy your vegan creations, happy eating!

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