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Vegetarian Protein Supplements Are Easily Accessible

Vegetarian Protein Supplements

Why Turn to Vegetarian Protein Supplements?

Whilst leading a vegetarian lifestyle, people are often concerned they will not receive enough protein. This is simply not true and can be proven by many studies. There are so many plant-based foods which can provide the body with protein in abundance. However, if you are someone who is looking to gain muscle or receive protein in a more convenient manner, a vegetarian protein supplement may be just the thing for you. Vegetarian supplements for protein are extremely easy to come by nowadays as the world slowly becomes more and more interested in the vegetarian lifestyle. So how do you know if veg protein supplements are for you? Well, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do I lead a busy lifestyle?
  • Do I workout a lot/lead an active lifestyle?
  • Am I trying to gain muscle?
  • Do I receive enough protein from the foods I eat?

If you answered yes to the first three questions and no to the last, protein supplements for vegetarian diets may be a good choice for you. Today I will introduce you to some great options that are on the market.

High Protein Vegetarian Foods

High Protein Vegetarian Foods

Before turning to protein supplements for vegetarian diets, let’s take a look at some vegetarian foods that can easily be added to any diet.

  • Textured Vegetable Protein
    • TVP is a great addition to any meal. It works great as a ground beef substitute making it a perfect addition to pasta dishes or tacos. It is a great source of protein and is super easy to work within the kitchen.
  • Tempeh
    • Tempeh is a great source of protein for vegans and vegetarians. Its neutral flavor allows it to work in a variety of dishes. I love using tempeh as a bacon substitute or enjoy simply adding it on top of any salad or buddha bowl.
  • Nuts & Legumes
    • Nuts & legumes are very high in protein and make a great snack or addition to any meal. I add nut butter to smoothies and oatmeal as well as snack on nuts alongside fruit. I love adding beans to salads to add more substance and make the meal more protein dense. Pair your beans with a grain to make it a full protein.
  • Broccoli
    • Broccoli is a food which many wouldn’t assume to be a good source of protein. However, believe it or not, many vegetables pack a strong punch of protein. Just because you are choosing to eat primarily whole foods does not mean you are not able to receive the protein your body needs.
  • Quinoa
    • Quinoa is one of the superior grains to eat when wanting to increase your protein intake. Quinoa works great in salads, soups, stews or even as a simple side dish. Quinoa can also be consumed in place of your morning oatmeal. I know it may sound weird but I highly recommend trying it out for yourself.

Vegetarian Protein Drinks

Vegetarian Protein Drinks
  • Smoothies
    • When dealing with vegetarian protein drinks, smoothies are a great option. There are many ingredients which can be added into a smoothie to make them a great vegetarian protein drink. You can add things such as nut butter, chia seeds, nuts, flax seeds and protein powder. All of these will take what could be a simple low protein mixture of fruit and vegetables and turn it into a high protein meal. Smoothies are a great option for post workout meals or if you are ever in a pinch for time. You can also amp your smoothie up and turn it into a smoothie bowl. Adding high protein foods on top of your smoothie bowl is a great option as well and will leave you feeling full for longer.
  • Plant-Based Milks
    • More great protein drinks non-dairy options would be plant based milks. Because many plant-based milks are made from nuts and legumes, they tend to be high in protein. My go to non-dairy milk is soy milk. I feel like this one is a creamy option with a neutral taste and works in a variety of dishes. However, if you are in search of non soy protein drinks, plant-based milks such as almond milk, oat milk, and pea milk have a great protein content per every serving. If you have yet to introduce plant based milks into your everyday life, I highly recommend you begin to do that. Consuming protein without trying is a great way to ensure you will meet your daily targets.

Vegan Protein Powder

Vegan Protein Powder

If you are finding that the foods you are consuming are simply not providing you and your lifestyle with enough protein, it’s time we turn to veg protein powder.

  • Arbonne
    • If we are going to talk about some of the best vegetarian protein drinks, we must talk about the company Arbonne. Arbonne has a wide range of vegan protein powders which will make you mistake your vegetable protein drinks for dessert. They have every flavor from mint chocolate chip to pumpkin spice. I guarantee whatever flavor you are craving, Arbonne will have you covered. On top of their large selection of protein powders, some more protein supplements for vegan diet Arbonne offers are their protein snack bars. I have never tried the Arbonne products myself, but many people in my life have and I have heard nothing but positive feedback about this company.
  • Vega
    • Another great brand I want to introduce you to is Vega. This company also has a wide range of protein supplements for vegetarian diet needs. From their large selection of delicious protein powders to their protein bars, this company will provide you with all of your protein needs. I love using their protein powders not only in my smoothies and shakes to make a delicious vegetarian protein mix drink, but I also love adding their protein to my morning oatmeal. Vega’s powders taste amazing once cooked into your oatmeal, leaving you with a creamy and filling meal to start your day.
  • KOS
    • The next company I am going to introduce you to is called KOS. KOS is a company which I recently discovered. If you are searching for a great vegetarian protein supplement I suggest checking them out. Similar to the other two brands, this company has a large selection of protein supplements for a vegetarian diet. Beginning with there many flavors of protein powders, KOS will have you covered for any flavor craving you may be experiencing any given day. Compared to other companies, KOS is a more affordable protein powder which makes them a very attractive option.

Why Is Whey Protein Vegetarian but Not Vegan?

Now that you have a large selection of vegetarian protein supplements to explore and implement into your future lifestyle, I want to take a moment to talk about a topic that can be confusing within the vegetarian and plant-based community. If you have ever wondered if whey protein plant based diet supplements exist, the answer is no. Why? Whey protein is vegetarian but not vegan. So what is whey? Whey is a byproduct of cheese. It is the liquid that remains after milk has been curdled and strained. So the answer is really quite simple. Whey protein is not vegan because it is derived from dairy. If you are a vegetarian and haven’t made the switch to a fully plant based lifestyle, then vegetarian whey protein powder is a good option for you. However, with the rise in popularity of a plant based lifestyle, at this point, it may be easier to find a good quality plant based protein over a whey based protein powder. In the end, the option is yours. Whether or not you choose to consume whey, know that it is still a vegetarian option and will provide your body with the protein you have been searching for.

Some Ways to Consume Protein

Whether you choose to receive your protein from plant based foods or vegetarian and vegan supplements, know that your body will thank you. Protein is a very important nutrient that the body needs to heal and grow. If you lead a particularly active lifestyle and are constantly pushing your muscles to the extreme, protein is what your body needs to heal. In order to gain muscle we must break it down, and in order for it to heal our bodies must have protein. There are many ways in which we can introduce more protein into our lives. I have mentioned some of these options already but will reiterate once again.

  • Proats
    • A great and nutritious way to start your morning. Mix your protein powder of choice while cooking your oats on the stove top. Add your favorite toppings and enjoy.
  • Smoothies
    • Add all of your favorite fruit and vegetables into a blender. Use plant based milk, healthy nuts and seeds and finish off with your favorite protein powder. This is a great post workout meal and will nourish your body from head to toe.
  • Smoothie Bowls
    • Similar to smoothies though you can add more toppings on top to make it feel less like a snack and more like a meal. Great for any time of the day. This is actually one of my favorite dinner options on a hot summer night.
  • Protein Shakes
    • Simply mix your favorite protein powder with water or plant-based milk. Shake well and enjoy a simple yet delicious drink.
  • Protein Pancakes
    • Another great breakfast meal or hey, dinner as well. Make your pancakes as you normally would and add in a scoop of protein powder. I love adding chocolate protein powder and bananas. This flavor combination is one of my go tos.

I hope you learned something today! Best of luck on your vegetarian protein journey.

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