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What Are Vegan Shoes

are vegan shoes sustainable

So what actually makes a shoe vegan? Well as though buying shoes seems like a harmless act towards animals and the environment in fact it can be quite the opposite. In a lot of cases, shoes are made with materials that are derived from animals as well as big corporations in the fast fashion industry emitting copious amounts of harmful gases into the air, contributing to a large amount of the pollution within our planet. If these things align with your morals, then being vegan comes with a change of what shoes you buy and where you choose to buy them. For this, we need to understand what is vegan shoes made of and what does vegan shoes mean.

What Are Vegan Shoes Made Of?

In order to understand what vegan footwear is made out of, we need to understand what most shoes are made from that makes them non-vegan. A lot of shoes nowadays are held together using a specific glue that contains animal products such as gelatin, this means that even though you’re not consuming the animal itself the entire animal will have to be used in order to extract a glue from the melting of tissues and bones and in fast fashion industries these are used on a huge magnitude and is actually a very unnecessary part of shoe production and design. This fact is not pronounced openly, meaning before buying the shoe the customer doesn’t actually have a clear idea of what is used in the process, but as this has been pointed out and people have become more knowledgeable many vegan shoes are now on offer for us to buy sustainably.

What Are Vegan-Friendly Shoes?

Now that we understand what goes into making our shoes we can start to assess what is vegan footwear made of. So what makes a shoe vegan? A fully vegan shoe means that absolutely NO animals were harmed in the process of making the shoe. This also includes animal testing products which are often done before the end product and this we also want to avoid. Fortunately, there are many independent brands and companies who have since sort out a way to create great looking and feeling shoes from natural products, anything from scandals to ‘leather’ boots can now be bought without having to skimp on the look and quality of the shoe itself.

Are Vegan Shoes Environmentally Friendly?

what are vegan shoes made from

Are vegan shoes eco friendly, do they contribute less to environmental harm than a regular shoe production? These are important factors to consider before investing in a pair of shoes. Yes they may be cruelty-free and 100 percent less harmful towards our rising use of animals but are they any better for the environment itself? Both sides of shoe production have their faults and as with anything that is done on a big scale the environment effect will be more. Vegan shoes are not necessarily more environmentally friendly than normal shoes and this all depends on what replacement materials are used. Whatever materials are used create some sort of environmental harm however the vegan replacement of leather made with cork or kelp-based materials is far more eco-friendly than the leather itself but can have other complications involving toxic waste and water pollution. The best way to combat this and achieve a low environmentally harmful effect is by using recyclable materials, a way in which the shoe and be reproduced from what it was made of in the beginning, an exchange if you will, the more this can be introduced the less the impact on the environment will be. We have already seen this in some vegan corporations but is often only found in smaller more independent retailers, meaning fewer people have access as well as an understanding of the difference.

Are Running Shoes Vegan?

what are vegan friendly shoes

Unfortunately, not all running shoes are vegan however there has most defiantly been a shift in the decisions to create fully vegan footwear that are sustainable. Well-known brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Asics have created a range of vegan shoes however many of them are still made from glues containing animal products. Luckily there are many vegan running shoes you can easily get your hands on, one of these includes the Xero Shoes which are 100 percent vegan, lightweight, and excellent for running. Topo athletic also have many vegan models in a variety of colors that are great for everyday use too.

What Are Vegan Leather Shoes?

what is vegan leather shoes

The biggest issue in non-vegan use is the use of leather which comes from animal skin and is considered to be extremely harmful and cruel. But luckily we have found a way to create faux leather shoes, like boots and scandals that still have the same leather look and feel but are cruelty-free. so if you cant use leather to made leather shoes then what is vegan leather shoes actually? By using a large variety of synthetic products in replacement to silk, fur, and wool they are able to achieve much less harmful shoes. Polyurethane which is a type of plastic is most commonly used in making vegan versions of leather.

What are Dr. Marten’s vegan shoes made of? A big and well-known brand created a vegan version of their iconic boots using 100 percent non-animal-derived products but have not stipulated exactly what is used in the process but they are a much better alternative to leather and they look almost identical and many say they are more comfortable too.

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