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What Nutrients Are Missing In A Vegetarian Diet

What nutritions only found in meat?

Probably, the very fact of the title of the article may cause surprise: what vital substances can be in the meat, after all, this is a harmful product? Yet meat is a food, and the body extracts nutrients from it. It cannot be assumed that the task of a vegetarian is reduced only to removing meat products from the diet, while not replacing those nutrients that the body has extracted from the meat. Many people in an attempt to remove meat products from their diet fail – they feel dizziness, headaches, nervousness, irresistible craving for meat products, cannot eat without meat, lose muscle, their hair falls out, and the condition of their teeth worsens. In fact, these are all external manifestations of malnutrition, and it is for this reason that vegetarianism is criticized by many.

The composition of meat is 11–20% protein. Most of them are full-fledged. They are concentrated in the muscles. These are:

  • myosin;
  • myoglobin;
  • myogen;
  • actin;
  • myoalbumin;
  • globulin;
  • actomizin.

What Nutrition Only Found in Meat?

Several important nutrients are difficult or even impossible to obtain in sufficient quantities from plant foods. Among such substances are vitamins B12 and D3, taurine, heme iron, and others.

Nutrients Only Found in Meat and Not in Vegetables

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient that is found almost exclusively in animal products such as fish, meat, dairy products, and eggs. This nutrient is involved in the production of red blood cells and is essential for normal brain function.

Vitamin B12 is almost one of the most essential vitamins needed for humans. They are rich in foods such as purine eggs, fish, meat, and dairy products. This type of essential nutrient for the body provides the blood with red cell saturation and also helps the brain to function optimally.

Vegan nutrition deficiency which caused by a lack of vitamin B12 can remind of itself with the following symptoms:

  • weakness and fatigue
  • neurological and mental disorders,
  • megaloblastic anemia,
  • heart diseases.


Carnosine only found in meat

This substance acts as an antioxidant. It is secreted primarily in the brain and muscles throughout the body. When you consume a normal amount of carnosine, you will notice that your muscles cease to be very tired, and the level of performance increases. The main sources from which you can obtain carnosine are meat from animals, fish, and birds.

Vitamin D3

D3 is a vitamin that you cannot find in plant foods, only in fatty fish, chicken egg yolks and cod liver. This vitamin helps vitamin D to be absorbed better.

Nutrients vegetarians lack can provide people who do not eat meat with ill effects such as sclerosis, depression, heart disease, muscle wasting, osteoporosis, decreased stamina, cancer, and weak and fragile bones.

What Nutrients Are Missing in a Vegetarian Diet?

One of the omega 3 acids that are saturated with fats is docosahexaenoic acid. This substance is indispensable, since thanks to it the body is provided with the normal development of the brain, and also the functioning of the brain increases after ingestion of this acid. This type of omega 3 is found exclusively in oily fish, fish oil. Nutrients that vegetarians lack, especially this substance in the body are very detrimental to the functioning of the body. Mental health and brain activity suffer from a deficiency, this is clearly noticeable in children. Also, when a woman is carrying a child, she must eat docosahexaenoic acid, otherwise, there may be negative consequences in the development of the fetus.

Heme iron

what can't you get from plants

Red meat is very rich in this type of iron. This type of iron lends itself to digestion and more successful absorption, much more efficiently than non-heme iron. Non-heme iron, unlike heme iron, is located only in food of plant origin

Lack of iron is fraught with the most harmful consequences for the body. Low iron content in the blood causes a decrease in hemoglobin levels and oxygen starvation of organs and tissues. If the body does not receive it for a long time, iron deficiency anemia may occur, which in turn leads to disruption of the immune, cardiovascular, digestive, and urinary systems.

Vitamin Found Only in Animal Foods: Taurine

Taurine is found only in animal foods

This sulfur compound can be found in important cuts such as the brain, kidneys, and heart. Many scientists have not been able to understand its function in the body, but they believe that its role is also very important. Firstly, it helps muscles function properly, it also provides the formation of bile juice for the digestion of food, and lastly, it protects the body with antioxidants.

But unfortunately, this substance is found exclusively in foods that cannot be consumed by adhering to vegetarianism, such as poultry and fish, seafood, and dairy products. Taurine is only found in animal products such as fish, seafood, meat, poultry, and dairy products. What do vegetarians lack? The complete absence of this substance in a man’s body can lead to infertility. If you consume enough Taurine, then your heart, eyes and will be very much protected.

Let’s say right away – the chemical composition of vegetable protein is not much different from meat (or any other, and therefore the results of experimental studies that showed the development of unfavorable changes in the large intestine in animals that were fed food with a high content (more than 25%) of pure vegetable protein look completely logical. Soy protein isolate, for example, and these precancerous changes in the colon wall were not much different from those seen in animals fed a diet high in meat protein.

Agree, these results are slightly discouraging, if not shocking. However, such a sad picture is observed only in experiments, but in broad epidemiological studies of different groups of people who adhere to a diet high in vegetable protein (the same soy) show that the risk of colon cancer, in this case, is always lower than the average by population. And there is an explanation for this, and not even one.

Another very important point is that most vegetable sources of protein, unlike meat, contain very little fat, and this significantly reduces the potential carcinogenic effect of protein. The fact is that the problem with meat food is not only a high percentage of protein but also the fact that it enters the digestive system along with an even greater amount of fat. This is especially important for you and me, modern people, since the meat of farm-raised animals, which are fed with high-calorie compound feed and are constantly restricted in movement, contains 5-10 times more fat than game meat.

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