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What Has Affected the Popularity of Vegan Milk

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There were no substitutes for dairy milk except the soy milk on the shelves only ten years ago. And no one bought it except vegans, lactose intolerant people, and just curious customers.

But everything changed. How and why did plant-based milk become one of the most popular products? Let’s look at the example of the successful Swedish company Oatly.

Their sales have increased by more than 675 percent, in the last five years and this is just one brand.

The company’s executives themselves can’t really explain what made such a jump in consumption of their product.

Perhaps it’s about the friction of masses. Scientists, public figures, and veganists have fought to make plant food a healthier alternative for a long time. Cow’s milk hasn’t gotten around to it. And there’s plenty of evidence that cow’s milk is harmful to the human body.

And given that most adults do not tolerate lactose, the emergence and spread of plant milk is a brilliant and welcome alternative.

Demand for Plant-Based Milk

High public interest in veganism is the factor that has led to the increased demand for plant-based milk. More and more people are abandoning animal milk as dairy milk production involves the exploitation of animals and the use of large amounts of harmful hormones and antibiotics.

Opponents of animal milk consumption are also in the ranks of environmentalists. The dairy industry is known to be a serious environmental hazard and is responsible for 60 percent of all methane emissions into the atmosphere. This gas is 23 times more dangerous than carbon.

All these factors have led to large numbers of people to abandon animal milk and move to a vegetable alternative.

Vegetable milk is produced from a variety of products. The most common products are oatmeal, buckwheat, nuts, and chia seeds.

Vegetable milk is a good source of trace elements, minerals, and nutrients.

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