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What Is Banana Blossom Used for | Banana Blossom Where to Buy and How to Cook This Thing

What Is Banana Blossom Used for

What Is Banana Blossom

Banana is an edible item – everyone knows, but the flowers of this plant, which in the botanical classification is defined as not a tree at all, but grass, tall and thick, a banana also does not have a trunk, there is no stem, like a grass, but what is taken behind the trunk, that is, the bases of wide banana leaves rolled into a dense tube, and the fruits are considered berries … so, the banana blossom of this herb, inflorescence, are also eaten, especially in the countries of Southeast Asia, they are eaten very actively and in large quantities.

Only the inner light part is eaten in banana blossom Thai, i.e. core. The burgundy purple rind is discarded. The stamens are also edible, but I personally did not like the taste … so for me in banana flowers only the core is of interest.

Therefore, remove the leaves from the banana flower until you reach the light part, i.e. until the burgundy petals run out. And in these burgundy bowls, by the way, you can then serve the resulting banana-flower salad – it turns out very nicely.

Banana Blossom Recipe

Banana Blossom Recipe

The banana flower core (light) is cut into thin rings. Attention – literally after 30 seconds, they begin to darken. So if you want the banana flowers to remain light, you can put them in lemon water for 20 minutes (just squeeze half a lemon into the water or less). But we were too lazy to do this, and we allowed them to darken))

Banana Blossom Salad

Then you can add the resulting product to any salad. Cabbage, tomato-cucumber, papaya salad, etc. etc. It all depends on your imagination! Moreover, a banana flower will not spoil any salad. And it will improve – very likely.

In addition to being used in salads, banana flowers are boiled. Minutes 20, maximum 30. Asians say that this is a super-product for women, more precisely for nursing mothers who have little milk.

What Is Banana Blossom Used for

Most often, the Banana Flower is used as an ingredient in the preparation of various dishes: salads, meat dishes, soups, but sometimes they are eaten raw.

The flower is cleaned of external hard petals, the inner petals, which are more delicate, can also be removed, or you can leave it. The core of the flower is a lot of pistils, they are eaten, very often raw.

What Does Banana Blossom Taste

The texture of the flower is dense, starchy, the banana blossom taste with a slight bitterness and a characteristic smell of a banana, but not strong, much weaker than that of a ripe fruit, which attracts attention: banana blossom flavor seems like there is a banana aroma, but so delicate, so subtle … which is impossible achieve if you use a ripe fruit.

Dried Banana Blossom

Peeled Banana Flower is cut into small pieces and fried in oil along with meat or seafood, added to broth, or simply to a variety of salads.

Banana Blossom Health Benefits

Banana Blossom Health Benefits

In the air, the peeled banana tree blossom quickly darkens, due to the high iron content, to prevent this from happening, the flowers are usually dipped into water and a little lemon juice is added there; in an acidic environment, the flower retains its original appearance much longer, which allows culinary specialists to relax and focus on itself dish without worrying about the ingredient and its presentation.

Banana Blossom Menu

  • cut a banana flower into thinner strips, salt and literally add a third of a teaspoon of turmeric, mix well;
  • chop two cloves of garlic, lightly fry the garlic and curry leaves in a little oil;
  • add our flower straws to the garlic, fry over low heat for a couple of minutes;
  • add 3-4 tbsp. coconut milk and a third of a chicken cube for flavor;
  • add the egg and mix well, fry until the eggs are tender.

Banana Blossom Where to Buy

A new supermarket was recently opened in our area. Studying the assortment, I saw a product that intrigued me extremely: a banana flower. I decided to buy and try to cook something from it.

You can buy a flower by ordering it on the Internet in specialized stores or sometimes stumble upon in supermarkets

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