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Simple Vegan Meals for Dinner

Vegetarians Eat for Dinner

What’s for Vegetarian Dinner

There are several main directions of vegetarianism. So, veganism is considered the most strict direction, in which people refuse not only meat, fish, or poultry, but also eggs, milk, and dairy products. Lacto vegetarianism is a more loyal trend, and its adherents include milk and dairy products in their diet. In lacto vegetarianism, in addition to dairy products, eggs are also allowed. 

If you are just thinking about completely changing your recipes and switching to products exclusively of plant origin, we recommend starting gradually. However, in this review, you will not find recipes with cheese or eggs, and as the usual cow’s milk, we offer delicious alternatives — nut or soy milk.

Nevertheless, all the meals without meat offered are based on cereals and a large variety of vegetables with the addition of spices, which, if used correctly, only set off and emphasize the taste of the main ingredients. With such a balanced diet, you will not feel hungry, but at the same time keep the feeling of lightness. And if you still do not have enough cheese or yogurt in the diet, on our website in the section about vegetarianism you will find many other recipes that will suit you.

Simple Vegetarian Dinner Dishes: Smoothies with Spinach and Raspberries

Smoothies with Spinach and Raspberries

One of the most fashionable types of breakfast is a variety of smoothies, which came to our diet just from the vegetarian table. An unusual taste combination of spinach and raspberries will pleasantly surprise and cheer you up in the morning or, if you like smoothies as a snack, then in the middle of the working day.

What Do Vegetarians Eat for Dinner: Potato Salad with Avocado and Red Onion

We are used to the fact that potatoes are most often used as an excellent addition to the main dish. However, we decided to experiment a little and prepare a healthy version of the potato salad with avocado, red onion, and, of course, seasonings that will help make the taste of the dish more intense.

Vegetarian Dinner Recipe for Two: Carrot Salad with Celery   

Carrot Salad with Celery

Carrot salad is a dish familiar to many. We offer you a new interpretation of this vitamin mix, which will provide you with a portion of useful substances. And the main secret of the perfect taste of this salad is to let it brew for several hours.

Easy Veggie Dinner: Rice Salad with Dried Apricots

Rice is a great base for delicious, healthy, and very satisfying salads. The addition of arugula gives the salad a light bitterness, and the abundant dressing makes it unusually juicy. We recommend you to try this rice salad.

Quick Vegetarian Dinner: Salad with Green Beans and Figs

Salad with green beans and figs

One of the most used words in our review today is useful, and it’s no coincidence. After all, vegetarians, trying to eat a balanced diet, choose only the best — for example, green beans, figs and hazelnuts. The minimum of ingredients is the maximum benefit for the body, concentrated in a salad with green beans and figs.

Vegetarian Meals for a Week: Lentil soup with Tomatoes

This lentil soup with tomatoes is sure to appeal to vegetarians and all fans of a healthy lifestyle, and will certainly please gourmets by adding refined spices.

Vegetarian Meal for One: Puree Soup with Pumpkin Squash and Lentils

Puree Soup with Pumpkin Squash and Lentils

This recipe for mashed soup with pumpkin squash and lentils is more suitable for the cold season because it has not only a very delicate taste but also is able to warm thanks to the ginger root that we add to it. In addition, lentils are one of the sources of vegetable protein, which is especially important for vegetarians.

Easy Tasty Vegetarian Recipes: Stuffed Peppers with Mushrooms and Zucchini

We offer you to prepare an unusual version of stuffed peppers-they will be with vegetables. Their main difference from meat dishes is that this dish is perfect for both those who are on a diet and vegetarians. Another plus in favor of your favorite dishes, prepared in a new way.

Dinner Ideas without Meat: Rice with Spices and Nuts

Rice with Spices and Nuts

Delicious and very flavorful rice with spices and nuts can be served as an independent dish, as well as complement it with stewed or grilled vegetables. However, if one of your family members is not ready for vegetarianism, then this side dish is perfectly combined with fish dishes.

Cooking without Meat: Cabbage with Mushrooms

A simple and very concise dish-cabbage with mushrooms, prepared from the most affordable products. If possible, we recommend using wild mushrooms. With them, the dish will be more flavorful and tastier. But mushrooms or oyster mushrooms are also great.

What to Cook without Meat: Chickpea Cutlets with Pumpkin

Chickpea Cutlets with Pumpkin

Many people like cutlets, and you can cook them not only from meat, poultry or fish. Here is an original version of chickpea cutlets with pumpkin, we recommend serving with healthy side dishes-quinoa, couscous, bulgur, or a simple vegetable salad-supplemented with homemade sauces if desired.

Sicilian Caponata

This dish came to us from Italy. In fact, this is nothing more than a vegetable stew, the main ingredient of which is eggplant. Sicilian caponata is prepared simply and quickly enough.

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