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What Is It ー a Plant-Based Meat?

vegan meat

The appearance of vegetable meat in the assortments of famous restaurants such as Burger King and McDonald’s caused a wide response in the public.

The reason was its nature. It is almost the same as real meat in taste and consistency. But many wanted to know: what is it made of and how much healthier it is than regular beef or pork? And is it healthier at all? You must first note the fact why it appeared on the market and on the shelves to answer this question.

The reason for the meat alternative was environmental concerns. The meat industry is known to cause irreparable harm to the planet and nature. So the introduction of alternatives should promote the reduction of consumption of real meat.

It was not possible to expect that the vegans would want to consume the large quantity of products that externally and to taste have almost no different from meat. However, such products can be an excellent transshipment point for those who have decided to switch to plant nutrition.

It is exactly the reason why plant foods are designed to be consumed by people for whom meat is their daily food, hence, the insidious composition of this product. Mostly vegetable meat is made of beans, peas, and soybeans. However, it is saturated with fats, oils, and flavor enhancers to simulate the taste and texture of real meat. None of this is for great health benefits. So the introduction of alternatives should promote the reduction of consumption of real meat.

Starch, salt, and cholesterol are also present in meat of plant origin.

It does not correspond to the basics of a healthy diet so it is processed food.

However, it fulfills its main role – it encourages people to eat plant foods instead of animals.

People who have tasted plant meat claim that it is similar in taste and texture to real meat. It is also an excellent and convenient source of protein for vegetarians.

And vegans who aren’t squeamish about going to places like McDonald’s and Burger King’s in the company of friends or acquaintances can afford something other than fries.

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