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What Is All This Talk About Jackfruit?

what is jackfruit

Have you heard people talk about jackfruits time after time but you still haven’t figured out what this mystery food is? Today we are going to tackle the famous food, especially in the world of veganism, jackfruit. I know you may have an abundance of questions swarming through your minds. What does jackfruit taste like? Does jackfruit have protein? What are jackfruits used for? What is jackfruit meat? I’m sure the list goes on. Not to worry, today I will do my best to answer all of your jackfruit related questions and hopefully will teach you something new. Let’s jump right into this world of jackfruits.

What is Jackfruit?

So, the first question I am going to tackle is, “What is jackfruit?” It is, believe it or not, a fruit that grows on a tree. Some of its close relatives are the fig and the breadfruit. Jackfruit, because of its texture, is most commonly used for the replacement of either pork or chicken. Rather than being juicy and sweet like other fruits, it has a meatier texture to it as well as a more neutral flavor profile. Because of its neutrality, jackfruit is able to take on the role of meat in various dishes which I will get into more later. Let’s talk about jackfruit’s nutritional value. This fruit is filled with many important vitamins and minerals that are vital for the human body. Some of these include vitamin C, vitamin B, folate, niacin, riboflavin, potassium, and magnesium. Although these vitamins and minerals can be found in other foods, eating jackfruits will be a superior experience. Not only does this magical food provide these various vitamins and minerals, but it provides a decent amount of protein as well. In just one cup of jackfruit, you are able to receive 3 grams of protein making this a great meat substitute.

Where Is Jackfruit From?

Where Is Jackfruit From?

As stated above, jackfruits grow on a tree which is why this food also goes by the name of the jack tree. The origin of this tree growing fruit is between the Western Ghats of southern India and the rainforests of Malaysia. This is something to think about when purchasing jackfruit at your local supermarket. The journey this fruit took to get from its origin to your store was quite an extensive one. If you are trying to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, shopping locally may be one of your main priorities. However, regardless of its long journey before arriving on your shelf, jackfruit is worth the try at least once in your lifetime.

Using Jackfruit As A Meat Substitute

Using Jackfruit As A Meat Substitute

Now that our brains have been filled with some quick and fun facts about jackfruits, let’s discuss how to answer the question, “What is jackfruit good for?”. It can sneak its way into a variety of vegan meat recipes. Jackfruit as a meat substitute is something you didn’t know you were missing from your life. Once you try your first recipe using this amazing ingredient, you will be buying this fruit on a weekly basis. Some of the more common jackfruit recipes are BBQ jackfruit pulled pork sandwiches, tacos, curry, and jackfruit ‘chicken’ quinoa bowls. The options are truly endless when it comes to this amazing food. As I mentioned earlier, it has a very neutral flavor profile. This is very helpful in the case of veganism. Because this fruit doesn’t pack a punch for flavor, it is able to take on the flavor of whatever you season it with. Due to it’s an uncanny resemblance to pork and chicken when talking about texture, tossing your jackfruit in some BBQ sauce makes the perfect BBQ pulled pork sandwich. It also has the ability to be shredded apart into small pieces, as well as maintained as larger chunks. When making your jackfruit curry you will probably lean more to the larger chunks side of things. No matter what your preference may be, this fruit can really do it all.

So there you have it, all of the information you need to know on the topic of jackfruit. If you are thinking of going vegan, or are trying to spice up your already vegan lifestyle, introducing jackfruit into the picture is a great idea. Not only is this food amazing for your health, but it is extremely delicious as well. It’s time we ditch the high cholesterol pulled pork we are used to eating and time we turned to jackfruit. What’s better than an authentic BBQ pulled pork sandwich without the harming of animals? I’d like to think nothing is better than that. The world of veganism is advancing every day so it’s time you jump aboard the train. I promise you it is a fulfilling lifestyle to lead. I will leave you with a challenge. This month I challenge you to cook one vegan meal with this unique fruit. One simple meal. If you end up loving it, share the recipe with a friend and challenge them to do the same.

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