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What Kind of Plant Foods Can Help You to Fight Insomnia?

foods to fight insomnia

Healthy sleep is a rarity in the modern world. Numerous people suffer from insomnia and there’s so many reasons for that!

Stress on work, family problems, genetic illnesses, and health issues can cause insomnia even at an early age. People know many ways to fight that mental disorder. Some try to meditate or practice yoga while others tend to medicines and sedatives.

But it is possible to fight insomnia just by healthy food. «We are what we eat» and consuming certain products can fix many health issues that people have.

Products Rich in Protein

Digestion of protein takes a lot of energy and time. And such a process will cause drowsiness. The acid level in your stomach will drop if you have supper rich in protein. But you need to carefully pick which protein products you should eat before going to sleep. Peas, nuts, seeds, grains, and humus will be a good choice of food to fight insomnia because these products are easy to digest.


Oats are rich with numerous minerals and microelements. It includes magnesium, phosphorus and calcium. These vital nutrients will distress your organism and normalize internal processes in your body. You can drink a glass of oat milk or eat a bowl of bland porridge in the evening. Such supper will help you to fall asleep normally.


Bananas are nutritious and nourishing fruits. They help your body to produce melatonin – a «sleep hormone». It is better to grab a few of them one hour before you will go to sleep. Bananas include a few natural relaxants. Tryptophan amino acid is one of them. This neuromodulator can relax your brain to make you feel calm and comfortable.


Cherries are one of a few natural products which include melatonin. You should eat a handful of unprocessed cherries or drink a glass of fresh cherry juice. This incredible product will normalize your sleep schedule. Also, it includes many of necessary vitamins and microelements.


Almond became incredibly popular in recent years. They’re incredibly rich in magnesium. This microelement relaxes the brain and helps to fall asleep. A handful of almonds can be compared with half an hour’s meditation by its effect. You can find almonds everywhere in any shape and taste. They can be even liquid. Add a few glasses of almond milk to your supper. It’s better to be homemade but the store’s alternative will be suitable for this purpose too.

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