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What to Eat during Wintertime If You’re a Vegan?

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This question can stump many people and especially the ones who recently adopted a vegan lifestyle. Picking the right products and planning a vegan diet can be really hard. And it gets harder in wintertime.

Many products are available in spring, summer, and autumn but out of reach during the winter.

But there are a few essential foods which can replace them all.


It is one of the most nutritious and aesthetic products. This unique vegetable consists of numerous vitamins of A and B groups and microelements. You can store pumpkins in your freezer or even pantry during the whole winter. Warm cream-soups and gratins will be an essential part of your winter cuisine. Also, you can collect pumpkin seeds and store them in a dry place. They are very nutritious and healthy. Pumpkin can be considered a superfood thanks to its nutritional benefits and composition.


Peas, red and white beans, hummus, chickpeas, and others are the best source of protein if you’re a vegan. All kinds of beans will be useful to you in winter when the shortage of fresh fruits and vegetables feels the most. Beans are very nourishing and tasty and there’s plenty of dishes which you can cook out of them.


Porridge is one of the most nourishing and nutritious meals. Also, they are very traditional and you can find recipes for any kind of grains. Grains can be cooked with any garnish which makes them extremely handy.

Nuts and dried fruits

Dried fruits have soaked up all nutritional benefits from summer and autumn harvest. They serve as repositories of energy and nutrients. Nuts are another part of winter superfoods. They are extremely rich in microelements and minerals. You can use these foods as snacks or as additions to your meals.

Onions and garlic

Many people don’t like these foods for different reasons. But onions and garlic can enrich your organism with a variety of vitamins and such elements as magnesium, phosphorus, natrium, iodine, and calcium. Also, men who eat garlic on a daily basis have been found to be more attractive to women because garlic serves as a natural antioxidant and antibiotic. It kills bacteria which leads to the decrease of a bad smell.

These foods will help you to get through the wintertime without any nutritional deficiencies. They will preserve their nutritive value if you cook them in the right way. Those foods are superfoods and can serve as your diet’s core.

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