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What’s about Vegan Meat Products Composition?

vegan meat

For a long time, vegans haven’t had the opportunity to feel the taste of meat. But now, there are a lot of vegan meat substitutes, products like Beyond Meat Burger, Impossible Burger, and others. Those products are made of plant-based components such as soy, oils, and food starch. Those products are considered vegan products.

The consumption of soy and synthetic meat has a lot of pros and cons. For example, for someone it could look strange – how meat substitutes, even plant-based ones, can be considered as vegan food products, and how it is possible to imitate the taste and smell of meat?

Meat Substitutes

faux meat

To answer this question we should learn about vegan faux meat products’ composition and define, is it fine to imitate meat and should vegans even try to copy the nutritional habits of the omnivorous people?

It is hard to tell whether vegans copy the nutritional habits of people who eat meat or not. In most cases, vegan meat substitutional products help vegans to adapt to a vegan diet more comfortably and painlessly. Vegan faux meat helps vegans to feel themselves in place. Those products allowed vegans to unite with other people at parties, dinners, and restaurants by having a burger with a plant-based patty or plant-based sausage on the barbeque with their friends.

Of course, copying of omnivorous diet doesn’t match the idea of veganism fully but since it helps other people to perceive the idea of veganism as less radical and stressful, vegan meat substitutes could be considered as «good» products.

About their composition, there are a lot of debates about the nutritional qualities and health benefits of such products. Soy and plant-based meat were considered as a healthy alternative to real meat but recent studies and comparative characteristics with different whole food puts this statement under a big question.

Plant-Based Meat Is Healthier than Regular Meat, Is It the Truth?

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Without a doubt, plant-based meat is healthier than regular meat but it can’t be considered as really healthy food. There are many chemicals in meat and even its vegan alternatives include some. No matter of brand, faux meat substitutes are made of processed legumes and concentrated soy protein. Ingredients of faux plant-based meat are very varied and sometimes it is hard to track their origin. Plus is that, these food products are abundant with numerous artificial additives such as flavorings, fake protein, mixed spices, and smell boosters.

Soy is healthy at some point although it is heavy for our digestive system and is unaccustomed to the digestive systems of the representatives of the Europid race. Increased soy intake can provoke breast cancer and dangerously raise the level of estrogen.

Do We Need Meat Substitutes?

what is vegan meat

The abundance of processed fats only lowers all possible health benefits of plant-based meat products. Those products are stuffed with coconut and sunflower refined oils which are extremely bad for our health. That’s because they raise bad cholesterol levels and provoke the creation of blood clots. Our bodies transform coconut sunflower oil into fat so, from this point of view, plant-based burger patties and sausages are just as bad as regular fast-food products.

Of course, they don’t include hormones, antibiotics and are made of plant-based products, but still, regular consumption of these products can cause serious health issues such as cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and raised cholesterol levels.

What’s good, is that plant-based products are often saturated with vitamins so small amounts of these products can serve as a useful addition to your ration. But in general, the whole, unprocessed food products will be better than any factory-produced products. You don’t need meat substitutes at all.

Vegan meats are healthy at some point but if you want a burger, you can make a plant-based patty at home using only natural ingredients and components. And the number of vitamins in homemade patties will be higher.

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