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What’s So Bad about White Sugar?

white sugar in the ration

Today’s ration is saturated with harmful and unhealthy products that cause irreversible and tremendous harm to our health. Processed products, sugar, fast-food, refined products, and semi-finished products are globally widespread which means that all people worldwide consume such unhealthy products in enormous amounts. Such consumption causes the endemic rise of various health illnesses. Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis, migraines, and obesity are only a few of them.

An unhealthy and poor diet is the main cause of the rise of mortality in the Western World. Hundreds of thousands of people die every year due to the harmfulness and poorness of their ration and the abundance of low-quality products on the food market.

Sugar Is the Most Widespread Unhealthy Ingredient

white sugar - amount per day

It is present in almost all food products from sauces and flours to «healthy» sweets and juices. It is hard to name a product that doesn’t contain sugar it. To realize how deep and tremendous the sugar problem is we need to remind ourselves how much sugar can be safely consumed a day.

The daily norm of white sugar is from three to a dozen grams depending on the person’s age, sex, and state of health. But now a regular adult consumes more than thirty grams of white sugar a day which way more than the recommended amount. It is all fine, but white sugar is very harmful to human health.

White sugar is an artificial product that doesn’t contain any nutrients and healthy elements. White sugar is just a bunch of empty calories. It is high-caloric and causes serious harm to our health. A few pieces of chocolate won’t harm your health much but sugar is addictive and most people do not realize how much sugar they consume a day.

For example, a few spoons of white sugar in your morning coffee or teacup added to a few grams of sugar in the toast, jam, bun or juice constitute a really big amount of sugar just early in the day. The same amount of sugar could be consumed with sauce or topping, a semi-finished product that you may use while preparing supper, or with a fast-food serving at the break of day.

This way, everyone consumes tremendous amounts of white sugar day by day causing irreversible harm to their health. But what’s so bad about white sugar?

White Sugar Is Nothing but Empty Calories

how much sugar per day you can eat

It causes lipid imbalance, destroys the stores of the B vitamin, thickens bones and teeth, and complicates the functioning of the cardiovascular system and kidneys.

Regular white sugar intake provokes diabetes development and obesity. Our organisms transform white sugar into fat that couldn’t be properly digested. Sugar raises blood pressure levels causing migraines, lethargy, and fragility. Sugar causes headaches, lowers eyesight, and damages teeth.

It’s no secret that sugar is addictive. It doesn’t matter what kind of sugar it is. Sweetness is what our receptors need to make the food brighter and more appetizing. Sugar intake leads to excess weight. But there’s more. Regular sugar consumption provokes tooth decay, washes calcium from the body, leads to atherosclerosis, raises blood sugar levels, reduces immunity, and provokes obesity.

You can make an experiment to prove to yourself how white sugar negatively affects your well-being and body health. Try to avoid any sugars during the month and you will feel better.

Sugar is present in almost all products. Sugar is a necessity for our bodies to function fully. But the question is in what quantities. How much sugar (and what kind of it) can be consumed per day without harm to health depends primarily on the person’s age. Sex also affects: men can safely consume more sugar than women. Two or three years old children can consume no more than twenty-five grams of sugar per day: this is the maximum amount that is considered a safe amount. The desirable amount is up to thirteen grams.

But in many foods, the amount of white sugar is unacceptable. It is good if the manufacturer indicates the sugar quantity on the label. But some producers do not indicate this sweet ingredient. Such sugar is called hidden sugar. It can be found in most products such as sauces, juices, protein bars, tomato paste, flour, pasta, bakery, and preserves.

Reduce the Amount of Sugar

daily amount of white sugar

Today there are many analogs of white sugar such as natural sweeteners, syrups, and others. Of course, it’s better than empty white calories, but it should be remembered that sugar is sugar. Excess sugar intake leads to weight gain and addiction if you don’t know the measure. And to avoid falling into this trap, here are a few of our recommendations:

  • Replace white refined sugar sweets with fruits, dried fruit, and berries. Dried fruits can be added to the bakery instead of sugar.
  • Try to drink coffee and tea without sugar (learn this habit gradually). You will start to feel the true flavor of beverages and enjoy them without excessive sweetness.
  • If you still need to add something sweet to your drink, pick only healthy sweeteners.
  • Do not replace a full and healthy breakfast, lunch, or dinner with a chocolate bar. That’s a diet your body won’t be happy about. If you don’t have time to eat you should have a healthy snack such as fruit, peeled vegetable, or vegan snack bars.
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