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Why It Is So Important to Differ Live and Dead Food

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We are what we eat. Everybody heard these words but not everyone understands their meaningfully when it comes to nutritional questions. Our body, as nature’s creation, can metabolize and accept only certain products – living food. There aren’t a lot of them compared to nowadays the variety of products which are presented in supermarkets. Sweets, processed foods, semi-finished products, artificial flavors, and food additives attract our eyes and appetite. But this food is dead. It is very important to differentiate between live and dead food to maintain a healthy and well-balanced diet. The human digestive system is not intended to assimilate most of today’s products.

Live Food

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Live food is a food category that includes products that are the healthiest and are truly suited to organisms. Live food includes grains, fruits and vegetables, greens, raw nuts and seeds, wheatgrass, and dried fruits.

This list can be expanded by yourself. You know how good and healthy food affects your wellbeing if you maintain a healthy diet. So pay attention to how you feel after every meal.

Live food is extremely rich with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and other vital components. This food is completely digestible and doesn’t leave any slags after meal intake, unlike dead food.

Dead Food

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Dead food includes all chemical and artificial food products which were ever created by humans. Its list is much longer than the live food list but certain dead food categories should be mentioned.

Semi-processed and processed products, junk food, sweets, fast food, sodas, energetic drinks, refined products, products from animal farm animals such as dairy and eggs, and heat treatment products belong to dead food.

Dead food intake can cause numerous malaise such as tiredness, drowsiness, heartburn, bad breath and body smell, bad mood, anxiety, fungus, and bosom pains. Dead food doesn’t provide the necessary energy causing useless and exhausting digestion processes. Slags and chemicals literally litter our bodies.

Live food is a necessary condition for energetic and healthy well-being so this is why it’s so important to understand the difference between live and dead food.

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