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World Vegan Day

international vegan day

An entire day dedicated towards the celebration of veganism, the celebration of the growth of a planet-saving community, and a day of celebrating those who have contributed as well as all the lives said through their lifestyle and dietary decisions. The international vegan day is celebrated all around the world and is not only a day to praise those who follow a vegan diet but also to raise awareness to those who don’t, a chance to hopefully convince many others to take the same path as us fellow vegans and show what a big difference it makes towards the environment and in turn the savings of our animals and our planet.

Vegan Day

World vegan day is celebrated in many different ways and each country and community chooses to celebrate their own different national vegan day by coming together through communal dinners where each person brings their own creative and delicious vegan dish, some celebrate through motivational speeches, planting memorials trees, exchanging recipes and even through campaigns and donations towards helping animal welfare. It is a day every year where vegans from all walks of life can come together and celebrate their achievements and success in their goal of protecting animals and the environment but it is also a day which allows for a strong platform to share experiences and bring awareness about the importance of veganism to those that may not fully understand the concept and why it is so beneficial.

So when is world vegan day? World vegan day is celebrated every year on the 1 November and is actively celebrated by vegans all around the world! During this day as well as having celebratory parties, markets, and speeches social media becomes flooded with posts pertaining to veganism and its importance and this way is reached out to thousands upon thousands of people on a global scale, making it an extremely important day for all vegans.

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